Class IV-VI and VII-VIII, or IV, and V-VIII.

Read more competition to the e-manual to repeat. As for the one company The e-textbooks Ministry of Education oversees the subject’s attention the Education Development Center. Lawyers ORE verify whether the postponement of the completion of the project threaten us EU penalties. E-books are financed by the European Social Fund. Its estimated value is 45 million zł.

With resources already available through the site, you can use A day on this site includes 6,000 members. In Poland there are 5.5 million students. In the last fitting municipalities to implement education reform. The stewards did not complain about the lack of challenges. Three months after the signing by the President of the Law introducing the reform need to convert from six primary schools in eight years and prepare for the blanking of middle schools next year. This means new areas for schools, renovation, equipping classrooms and the need to restructure zatrudnienia.Specjaliści needed for a few hour the biggest problem with the reform?

Finding teachers to physics, chemistry, biology, German, who would like to come for two hours a week to a small, rural school, we have to transform in eight years – says Palmira Trzcińska-Kowalska, Plenipotentiary mayor Prabut (province. Pomeranian) for. Oświaty.Dotychczas in six primary schools science subjects was conceived so that it could result in fewer teachers. Knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology and geography child have won on the subject of nature, he could teach one qualified teacher. Similarly – History and Civics children to be educated on the history and society. Such blocks disintegrated into individual items only in high school.

There also reached a second foreign language learning. Since junior high schools were pooled, there was no problem with the organization of teaching – subject teacher taught several klas.Po reform prepared by the government of Law and Justice of large secondary schools will be solved, and the students have to hit the primary schools, where students will be less in a yearbook, but it more classes. In primary schools have also once again to teach different subjects. In connection with the implementation of the reforms will be needed specialists in biology, chemistry, physics, geography or career counseling. On a single hour – says Krzysztof Ryczek from office Opole Lubelski. The municipality does not provide for the creation of additional posts.

However, there is relatively easy – all three junior high schools form teams with salary podstawówką.Zabraknie on paliwoNie everywhere have such luck. In Swietajno (province. Warmia-Masurian) as a result of the reform of the eight-year class in primary schools will count between 10 and 14 students. The employment of new teachers no way for financial reasons. We plan to teachers employed in a gymnasium will complement their posts in four primary schools in the municipality – says Wioletta Janowska from office gminy.W Prabuty finding commuter teacher can be hard. Earnings from such a small number of hours is not even enough fuel in the car to come to class – evaluates Palmira Trzcińska-Kowalska.

The teacher, who is not employed at least part-time at a rural school, receives no bonus for work on wsi.Największy problem with the existing work may be natural teachers. Their subject will be taught only in the fourth grade – students will have two lessons a week. To complete the 18-hour teaching load, they would have to teach fourth grade nine. There are municipalities where there will be so many throughout roczniku.Pracy may not be enough for all teachers employed today. Our municipality runs one middle school, high school, which, along with part of the school team.

From September 2019. It will transform the law in high school. Part of the staff will remain there, some will find employment in primary schools, many teachers will work part-time instead of full – evaluates Paćkowski Joseph, secretary of the commune Zawichost (province. Świętokrzyskie) .Etaty are not the only problemyMniejsze primary schools will also require large investments. For us the trouble is providing the schools with the necessary facilities and equipment. Construction of the gym – says Krystyna plavsk, Mayor of Bogdaniec (province.

Lubuskie). Similar problems indicates Sylwia Lewandowska, Deputy Director of the municipal Department of Education in Ozimek (province. Opole): We do not have funds to equip a new lab to study physics, chemistry, geography and biology. Read more “Education reform is theft.” Mayor from Belchatow already boycotting it – More jobs will not – says Minister of National Education. Instead of training new teachers Anna Zalewska so wants to bet on further training of those who are already working. The ministry is working on a system raising kwalifikacji.W the next 20 years will leave approx.

2 million students – according to demographic projections, which prepares the Central Statistical Office. In the school year 2034/35, if there will be another radical change in the education system, the school will go 298 thousand. seven freshmen. It’s about more than 100 thousand. less than seven year olds it is today. Although the rules allow a maximum of 25-person class in elementary school, students are already in them usually much less. In the countryside middle class consists of approx. 15 students. This – 21.

At a primary school teacher for about 12 students. Even fewer, 10, in the gymnasium. For now, the Ministry of teacher jobs rather weapons – is the result of the reform of early learning and development of the network of kindergartens. Education Minister leaves no illusions, however, that this trend will be maintained in the coming years. Some teachers will have to go. Read more Most of the new curators are people PiS. President of the PNA: Such purges yet it was not – educate too many teachers – Anna Zalewska assessed by the Minister.

Data from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education shows that the entire country has a total of over 4.5 thousand. pedagogic. How many graduates annually leave them? Resort is not able to give such a number. And that’s not all – you can also be a teacher after studying the subject, completing the course pedagogiczny.Resort intends to focus on doszkalaniu and retraining of teachers, who are already on the market – it’s close to half a million people. – We want the teacher was obliged to spend 20 hours a year on professional development – says the minister of education. Currently, there is also a similar duty, but records are imprecise improvement. Teachers Charter provides as true teacher while working classes related to professional development, but does not impose an obligation on it directly – they should look like and to what extent be conducted. Read more secondary schools will save, but shorten the elementary school.

The idea PiS school – training courses today are often of poor quality. One of the reasons is that teacher training are realized from EU grants just to settle the grant. Then the quality is not important, only that people came. There are a lot of institutions that operate in this way, and yet no one verifies what and how they learn – says Richard Proksa, chairman of the Solidarity education. According to the Ministry of unionist idea makes sense, if the resort will make teacher training will be of high quality. – Educators know that either will raise their competence, or fall out of the market.

So you will want to train – he adds. How podawało RMF FM 84 percent. afraid of losing their jobs due to the announced by the Ministry of the reorganization of the education system. The Ministry of Education wants to improve, among others, it was carried out by state institutions. As deputy head of the department announced, Marzenna Drab, the Ministry also wants to combine the two agencies, which today are responsible for training teachers – Education Development Center and the National Center for Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education. One of the reasons are cost savings – it is among other things that they have separate offices. The second is similar tasks that wykonują.Szkolenie teachers is one of ideas on how to maintain a high prestige of the profession has, for example.

Singapore. Teachers there have the right to 100 hours per year retraining. The teacher can at this time to deepen their subject knowledge, pedagogical workshop to improve or invest in innovative teaching methods, eg. Related to the use of technology in school. Each school has a fund to train their teachers.

In Israel, teachers have the right to a sabbatical once every six or seven years. At that time, they receive a standard part of their salaries, and also take part in the program qualifications. During the sabbatical educators can also work in a third dimension-time. I ended consultations Regulation, which implements core curricula. This document, which sets out what children will learn in the school education reform.

Recall: from September 2017 instead of the high school, szóstoklasiści go to class VII of primary school and junior high school graduates – to high school, technical school or trade (replace vocational schools). The last meeting of the team that is working on the basics of programming is planned for Saturday. 14.02. Education Minister Anna Zalewska is ready to sign a regulation. – recent works are underway, which will end on Saturday. Also today will be a meeting of coordinators of individual items – said Deputy Minister of Education, Maciej Kopec during the conference summarizing the consultation of the Regulation. – There will be the final preparation of the project, who will sign the Minister. Teachers and representatives of organizations opposed to the reform point out that the Ministry has given himself too little time to analyze the outcome of the consultation. Between the end of the final meeting of experts forming the base pass 5 days.

In addition, the resort has long since handed over the documents publishers that based on them began to get ready manuals. Sketches foundations were ready at the end of November. After the Ministry of Education showed them, the so-called left a week. prekonsultacje. Only later it prepared a draft regulation. At this stage it flowed to the basics about 800 comments. Read more about the minister of education was the basis of the new program: scandalous, indoctrinates children and young people in the construction documents since that time has not changed much – gone, for example, assigning a rigid material for the classes.

Depending on the subject has been divided into phases, for example. Class IV-VI and VII-VIII, or IV, and V-VIII. Some of the changes related to specific learning content. Logic and design documents, however, remained unchanged. Ministry officials admit that the great changes and after appropriate consultation not count.

Deputy Minister himself admitted that this week will be considered “final editorial comments.” Preparation of documents describing what they will learn children were part of the negotiations with publishers. You have announced that if the November document will not, will not manage the preparation of textbooks for the new school. This in turn will arouse parents’ resistance against the reform. At this resort could not afford. According to the minister of education core curriculum it is indeed “a modern and will mobilize teachers to improve.” The minister at the time promised a summary of the work that teachers of classes I, IV and VII primary to June will be trained in the new core curriculum.

This can be a serious challenge – to train teachers can be up to 100 thousand. Read more Zalewska: Most local governments actually ready to change the school network What else think about the document, eg. The members of the Committee of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. As is clear from their comments to the Regulation: “Presented to the consultations, the draft Core Curriculum of general education for primary school is a document in many respects dubious. As part of the legal regulation of national badly testifies on the state of Polish education. In terms of structure and order of the content is careless, chaotic and underdeveloped. in terms of substance most concerned mock change the model of education, strengthen the traditional teaching based on programocentryzmie and the leading role of the teacher and focus on shaping students’ features strongly associated with the attitude of subordinate authority, orientation to the past, and the weakening of student freedom, decision-making and creating personal value system “is more .Zarzutów. “This document rooted in colloquial concepts of teaching, contrary to the latest knowledge in the area of ​​pedagogy, psychology and sociology of education, prepared in a way that would be acceptable at the level of the preliminary draft of teachers, but not at the level of a national base of training program.

The project is reminiscent of the model “just right” document the state of the times peerelowskich, ensuring tight control over the school grounds denies worked out fundamental assumptions about education (school Pact 2011) “- the researchers write. We already know what the individual subjects should be taught in elementary school children. The Ministry of Education revealed the designs of curricula and December 9 at their appointed time prekonsultacje. Teachers today in talks with the DGP, pay attention to the errors and weaknesses that should be improved. Some of them are common to all objects.

Although projects may still change, the Ministry wants to textbook publishers already working on their szkicach.Oto their greatest drawbacks according to the teachers too difficult material. The children are treated as children only in the fourth grade. Students then learn the story of a family, their town, as well as historical heroes. Since entering the fifth grade subjects very serious on the Magdeburg law in Poland and the Council of Trent – points out Jacek Staniszewski, historyk.Podobne feelings are also teachers of other subjects. Sixth grader base by geography “defines the main directions of change in the structure of industry in Germany on the example of North Rhine-Westphalia” and “presents the main directions of economic development of the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as political and economic relations between the two countries.” He was expelled for the basics of physical geography. This will kill my opinion curiosity among the students of geography – says the teacher of nature (the name of the news editor) .Podstawa copied from high school.

Problems arise from the fact that the grounds were largely simply copied from what previously in force middle school students. In the old basis for physics to high school and primary school for the present only cosmetic changes. Care has been some issues, for example circular motion – says Agnieszka Close, teacher fizyki.Wypadły important topics.

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